Mission Statement

Leadership in science education: promoting sustainable, quality science learning and teaching.

Vision Statement

Core Values
STAWA values high professional standards and is committed to the professional learning, recognition and resourcing of teachers of science and to the credibility of the science teaching profession and the STAWA.

Core Purpose
To this end, the Core Purposes of the STAWA are to assist teachers of science to acquire and maintain high standards of knowledge, skills and practice, to promote fellowship and association between teachers of science, to recognise achievements in science teaching, to develop and disseminate learning and teaching resources, to disseminate relevant information, to enhance members’ pride in their profession, to undertake a proactive role in influencing key decisions affecting members’.

Envisioned Future
The success of the STAWA endeavours will be measured by its ability to provide professional support to the teaching of science, and by the widespread recognition by government, the community, the employers and teachers of science of the STAWA’s role in achieving this aim.


  • Advocate for members, teachers of science and science education.
  • Convene and facilitate professional learning for teachers of science.
  • Develop and disseminate exemplary science learning and teaching resources.
  • Ensure recognition of quality teachers and students of science.
  • Ensure long-term growth and sustainability of the organisation.